Trying out Safari again

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Trying out Safari again since I migrated to a new machine. (I actually couldn't download Chrome with Safari on both my old and new machine. Had to use Firefox to download. Very strange!)

What I missed from Chrome

  • Multiple undo of tabs closed and the restored tab(s) preserves history
  • Opening a link in a new tab goes to the right of the current tab (Update: Safari 5.1 does this now)
  • It's still faster
  • Omnisearch bar
  • The way tabs are displayed

What I hate about Safari

  • Safari has this annoying behavoir where when you open a new window, press Cmd+L quickly to go to location bar, start typing and it suddenly loses focus. Everytime. Annoys me to no end. (Update: finally gotten down to it. It's the Handoff extension. Removed it and the problem is gone)

What's good about Safari

  • It's a much better Mac citizen, e.g. QuickCursor support which I think requires using the accessibility API.

Other than that, they aren't that different for day-to-day web browsing.

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