I wanted to get back to doing more macOS app development and thought to configure live reload with Injection III. After some help from John Holdsworth, I have it working and built a sample repo for macOS app with Injection III.

From the [https://github.com/hboon/MacOSWithInjectionIII/blob/main/README.md]:

This is for the GitHub version of InjectionIII. I can’t get the app store version to work. You have to run the app and choose “Open Project”. Don’t choose “Prepare Project”

I can’t get it to run in standalone mode (maybe the trick is to reset or remove com.apple.security.app-sandbox in MacOSWithInjectionIII.entitlements).

The rest are in the commits in the repo.

Unlike most repos, I intend to force-push to this repo instead of adding commits because it’s meant to show specific steps to set up a new project.

I’ve already finding it useful when I want to spin up macOS apps for toying with ideas.