iOS Dev Nugget 255 Symbolic Breakpoint to watch for View Controller Deallocation


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One of the easiest ways to start hunting down memory leaks is to see if a view controller is not being deallocated. Most common reason being an object stored in an instance variable is (in)directly holding a reference the view controller.

Here's a tip I picked up from @0xced:

Create an Xcode symbolic breakpoint and set the following values:

  • Symbol: -[UIViewController dealloc]
  • Add an Action: Log Message
  • Action value: --- dealloc @(id)[$arg1 description]@ @(id)[$arg1 title]@
  • Add another Action: Sound
  • Sound: Choose a sound

If you pop or dismiss a view controller and don't hear the sound, there's a leak.

Thanks @0xced!

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