iOS Dev Nugget 136 Auto Layout with Cartography


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If you write code using Auto Layout, you will have noticed by now that the structure of the code from using NSLayoutConstraint isn't that readable once you have a few more UI elements.

Cartography by Robb Böhnke changes that by introducing a declarative manner to specify Auto Layout constraints in Swift.

This is an example given in the README:

layout(view1, view2) { view1, view2 in
    view1.width   == (view1.superview!.width - 50) * 0.5
    view2.width   == view1.width - 50
    view1.height  == 40
    view2.height  == view1.height
    view1.centerX == view1.superview!.centerX
    view2.centerX == view1.centerX >= view1.superview!.top + 20 == view1.bottom + 20

Check it out.

If you are working with Objective C, also look at FLKAutoLayout by Florian Kugler.

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