Yesterday evening, I started seeing frequent crashes from cloudphotosd. Foolishly, I decided to restart my Macbook. That was when my nightmare began. I couldn’t boot up, not normally, and not with safe mode either. The only thing left to do was to restart in single user mode. After fighting with fsck and fsck-hfs for a long time, the only conclusive message I got was that I didn’t have enough disk space to rebuild the catalog B-tree and the disk can’t be repaired. I tried deleting large amounts of data to free up space and still it complains about lack of disk space. Same thing when I booted in recovery mode and run Disk Utility.

The next morning, I went to grab a DiskWarrior thumbdrive, booted in recovery mode and ran DiskWarrior. It was fast and it was good and most importantly, it fixed what fsck(-hfs) couldn’t.

Now I’m back. Thank you DiskWarrior!

PS: This is not an advert