• Computer: MacBook Pro (2021) 16” M1 Max
  • Mouse: Magic Trackpad — I try to use the keyboard more for navigation so using a trackpad instead of a mouse feels less disruptive when I have to use it
  • Keyboard: Logitech K380 — it lets you connect to 3 devices and switch between them with hardware keys
  • Headphones: AirPods Pro
  • Monitor: 24” LG UltraFine 4K. I frequently borrow my wife’s so I can use 2 at a time
  • Editor: Neovim running in Alacritty. Been using gvim on Windows, MacVim on macOS for a long time and switched to Neovim in 2023
  • Browser: Safari. I could probably switch browsers, except I like iCloud tabs
  • Terminal: macOS Terminal.app almost always running tmux. I also run Alacrity, but it’s solely for running Neovim
  • Email: AirMail
  • Site: This site runs Jekyll
  • Hosting: This site runs on GitHub Pages but I also use Render for other projects

If you were wondering, this is what /uses pages are for.

Last update was made 20240228.