iOS Dev Nugget 81 TMCache For In-Memory and Disk-backed Caching


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In #39: Use NSCache Instead of NSMutableDictionary When Caching, we mentioned using NSCache for caching. Sometimes, you want a caching system that persists across app restarts, e.g. downloaded photo thumbnails.

TMCache, an open source library from Tumblr that is disk-backed, and the objects stored only need to conform to NSCoding (so everything that goes into plists, such as NSArray, NSDictionary, NSString, NSNumber, UIImage, NSData, already works).


[[TMCache sharedCache] setObject:anImage forKey:@"someImage" block:nil];


[[TMCache sharedCache] objectForKey:@"someImage"
    block:^(TMCache* cache, NSString* key, id object) {
        UIImage* image = (UIImage*)object;

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