iOS Dev Nugget 169 fastlane: deliver


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After building several or even just one iOS app, you probably start to find it tedious having to upload multiple (up to 5) screenshots for each screen dimensions (4 sets for iPhone alone), once for each language supported.

fastlane is a suite of command line tools that lets you automate iOS app setup and deployment, including more developer-oriented tasks such as reloading your iOS developer certificates and profiles to more deployment-oriented tasks such as creating of screenshots and uploading metadata to iTunes Connect. Each of these tools is referenced in the fastlane homepage. Note that you can use most of the tools by themselves or together as a "bigger" fastlane setup.

In this nugget, I'll specifically mention only using deliver which cuts down on the manual work required to upload screenshots and metadata to iTunes Connect. It's a simple tool to start with and a major time saver. Baby steps.

From the README, install it by running:

sudo gem install deliver

Then follow the rest of the instructions at deliver, but you can start with running deliver in your shell in a working directory where the tool will interactively walk you through a wizard to set up your configuration.


I have my own existing organization for screenshots, with a directory (e.g. iPhone6-Plus) storing screenshots for each screen size, so I just symlink them into the screenshots/ folder which deliver uses.

There are several tools in fastlane that are immediately useful and I might cover them in future nuggets. But until then, it'll be worthwhile spending some effort looking into deliver as well as a few of the other tools.

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