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In Ruby, there is a very useful function called tap, that “taps” into method calls and run your code without interfering with the method chain. There is an Objective C port called NSObject-Tap.

Here's how you might write some initialization code without using tap:

Person* person = [[Person alloc] init]; = @"Your Name";
person.age = 20;
person.address = @"Kyoto, Japan";

And with NSObject-Tap:

Person* person = [[[Person alloc] init] tap:^(Person *p) { = @"Your Name";
    p.age = 20;
    p.address = @"Kyoto, Japan";


-tap: runs the block passing in self and returns self again so you can add -tap: calls into a method chain easily. It can help to reduce the need for certain local variables as well as shorten code.

There's also a -tapp method that prints out itself like so:

NSString* helloWorld = [[@"Hello, world!" tapp] uppercaseString];

Similar to -tap:, -tapp can be chained because it returns self.

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