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In Apple's iOS 7 Tech Talks, the class NSURLComponents was mentioned. It's a very useful utility for manipulating URLs (examples taken and modified from Apple):

NSURLComponents* components = [[NSURLComponents alloc] init];
components.scheme = @"https";
components.user = @"pmarcos";
components.password = @"seecret"; = @"";
components.path = @"/site/doc.html";
components.fragment = @"section3";
NSURL* url = components.url;


NSURLComponents* components = [NSURLComponents componentsWithString:@""];
components.password = @"changed";
NSURL* secretPigFaceURL = components.URL;

At the time of writing, there are no docs for NSURLComponents, so you'll have to refer to the NSURL.h header file.

Download the iOS 7 Tech Talks videos and slides.

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