iOS Dev Nugget 3 Modern Objective C


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There's a few modern features of Objective C you should be using in new code, if not existing code. They make code easier to write and improve readability.

  1. Forward function declarations for "private" functions aren't needed anymore.
  2. Use container and NSNumber literals:

    NSNumber num = @{1.2}; NSArray a1 = @[@"one", @"two"]; NSMutableArray a2 = [NSMutableArray arrayWithArray:@[@"one", @"two"]]; NSDictionary d1 = @{@"key1": @"value1", @"key2": @"value2"}; NSMutableDictionary* d2 = [NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithDictionary:d1];

  3. Use container subscripting:

    NSArray a1 = @"[@"one", @"two"]; NSString one = a1[0]; NSDictionary d1 = @{@"key1": @"value1", @"key2": @"value2"}; NSString val = d1[@"key2"];

In Xcode, you can use Edit > Convert > To Modern Objective-C Syntax to help you update existing code.

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