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If you build lots of forms — screens powered by table views that either read-only information or allow users to enter data such as names, dates/birthdays — Eureka is worth taking a look.

The README is very good, so I'll just show an example from there:

import Eureka

class MyFormViewController: FormViewController {

    override func viewDidLoad() {
        form +++ Section("Section1")
            <<< TextRow(){ row in
                row.title = "Text Row"
                row.placeholder = "Enter text here"
            <<< PhoneRow(){
                $0.title = "Phone Row"
                $0.placeholder = "And numbers here"
        +++ Section("Section2")
            <<< DateRow(){
                $0.title = "Date Row"
                $0.value = Date(timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate: 0)

I've found Eureka very handy if your app mostly uses the original look and feel of iOS. If you need to customize the forms UI — while Eureka supports that too, by letting you specify your own custom row and cell classes — I've found it might be a bit more messy than I hoped.

Eureka can be installed via Cocoapods or Carthage.

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