iOS Dev Nugget 263 Smart Folders for Quick Access to Most Recent Files


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Do you sometimes have this need: edit a file or a few files in one application and then switch to another app and want to select those files? E.g. you edit iOS app screenshots in a graphics editor and then want to upload them in Safari.

Then this tip is for you:

  1. File > New Smart Folder
  2. Click This Mac
  3. Click +
  4. Click Kind and change it to Last modified date
  5. Make sure within last is selected
  6. Enter 1 (days)
  7. View > as List
  8. Click the Date Last Opened column header to sort descending
  9. Click Save
  10. Make sure Add to Sidebar is checked
  11. Enter a name (e.g. Recent) and click Save

The Recent smart folder should appear in your Finder sidebar.

With our example, after editing you just need to click the Recent smart folder either in Finder (or in other cases the Open file dialog) to access the most recently modified files.

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