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UIAlertController was introduced in iOS 8 providing a block-based API among other changes. But it is still not very customizable. If you want to show e.g a large image or otherwise more customizable content, PMAlertController is one good solution. It has a similar API to UIAlertController and is available via CocoaPods and Carthage.

Here's sample code from the README (Swift 3):

let alertVC = PMAlertController(title: "A Title", description: "My Description", image: UIImage(named: "img.png"), style: .alert)

alertVC.addAction(PMAlertAction(title: "Cancel", style: .cancel, action: { () -> Void in
            print("Capture action Cancel")

alertVC.addAction(PMAlertAction(title: "OK", style: .default, action: { () in
            print("Capture action OK")

self.present(alertVC, animated: true, completion: nil)

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