iOS / OS X App Freelance Consulting


Hello there. I'm Hwee-Boon. I'm based in Singapore and available as a remote iOS / OS X consultant based on Obj-C, Swift and RubyMotion.

Recently, I'm been working on:

My complete work history is in my LinkedIn profile.

My consulting work in based on iOS. There're a number of ways we can work together:

Service Details Engagement Type/Cost
Code review.Improve code quality, reduce technical debt, thus lowering long term cost to add features and maintain the project.US$1600
Build an iOS SDK.Expose your web service or code functionality as an SDK. I'll build an SDK that works with both Obj-C and Swift codebases, including example projects and documentation.US$10000
Maintenance for an existing app. I will monitor your app for crashes, fix them as well as keep it up to date, and working with new devices and iOS releases.App is serving its purpose, but it's expensive to hire someone with deep experience in-house to keep it working while staying up to date on the newest iOS technologies.US$2000 per month

If these sounds like what you are looking for, email me to discuss working together.