Book Reviews

Hi, I'm Hwee-Boon Yar

I write, ship and sell software products. iOS/OS X app developer based in Singapore, working remotely. This is my blog.


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This is a list of books which I have read. I plan to come back and add both old and new books that I read as well as more detailed notes for each.

Disclaimer: The links to Amazon are affiliate links.

Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns

A fantastic catalog of patterns that occur in Smalltalk code. Most of the ideas apply to other object-oriented languages are is worth reading even if you don't program in Smalltalk. I try to re-read this book every year.

Anything You Want

A super easy to read book that is worth re-reading once in a while.

The Last Lecture

An inspiring and sad book.

Total Recall

This is a surprisingly engaging book. I am inspired by how Schwarzenegger works by visualizing his goal. He reiterates this method several times in the book. Also surprised that he made his first million not by acting, but by investing in real estate.